- 2:16:00 AM

Back in the summer of '19

Hi there. How are you?? How are u doing? Jesus Christ, i haven't written a blog post in forever. I missed sitting and just pouring out ...

- 12:02:00 AM

You don't know anyone well enough to judge them.

Do you remember that weird looking girl with puffy eyes that you were judging in the supermarket about the way she got out into the world? ...

- 6:39:00 PM

i am so ready for 2019. // post series ^-^

Hey there darlings! Long time, no see.. I've been saying this for so long on this blog,it's unbelievable. But I'm back, and BII...

- 7:06:00 AM

random tips and advice from a teenage koala

Hi darling. How was your weekend? And also, the dreaded by many, (is it loved by any?) Monday? Regarding my (failed) attempt that i menti...

- 8:46:00 AM

no idea how to title this.

Oh, hi again blog, long time, no see. I've missed you so so much. School has been a lot this year, i have so much to study and my last...


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