10 Facts About A Certain Unicorn.

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Hey, so I decided to make a blog, because lately I had a lot of writing inspiration, and I wanted it to expand, so I'm gonna write lots of stuff that's on my mind here. First, I want people to notice me and to get to know me better.So, this blog is opened to everything, I'll write about lots of stuff that people need to listen,or need to know, and of course, I will write some texts about certain things and my opinion on that, kinda like a Unicorn Review..As you can guess, I'm a Unicorn, and here are 10 facts about me:

1. I love writing, pizza, metal, rock, bands, happiness, food, love, positivity, but most of all, reality. Reality can be cruel, but you can only runaway from it, but you can't hide. All you gotta do is accept it and learn how to see the good things.

2. I don't like bullying, rejection, depression, hate because those things make life harder, but I think every person can overcome them and change them.

3. I dunno how to hate, and I don't want to know, because I do not want other people to feel bad because of me, I'm not perfect, I can't judge other people.
4. My idols are: my sister, she is, was, and always will be someone at who I look up when I'm feeling left out, or feeling happy, doesn't matter, she is always my support. Lilly Singh, some of you may know her as iiSuperwomanii, my favorite unicorn youtuber, who spreads positivity and is a very great person. System Of A Down, my favorite band, they have my respect, and they will always have it, peace fighters and people who have an awesome personality.

5. From time to time, I don't know if I'm happy or sad, so, I'm kinda numb, but I can control it, and I don't let anyone notice that.

6. I'm grateful to have this life, I love it and I am aware that people have bad lifes, i know it's hard to get trough, but believe me, it's going to be better, just think positive and it will be positive :).

7. I've been thinking a lot lately, about changing who I am, so I did that, and I think people noticed it, the sad part is that they needed time to understand that I haven't just changed my weight, but I also changed my mind and ways of thinking, but I appreciate the fact that they at least noticed, I'm grateful.

8. I think that i get over attached to people, even though they leave me, especially when I need them most..

9. I've been hurt a lot of times, but that doesn't stop me in trying to be a better person,and spread positivity.

10. I don't like talking about myself, my insecurities, or things I like about myself. Why? Because if I talk about my insecurities it turns out that I want attention, and I want people to tell me the opposite of that. And I don't want to show weakness, because people use that when they argue with you, or want to let you down and make you feel bad about yourself. Things I like about myself, well I don't have many, and if I tell someone who they are, they may make me feel like they're not good enough and I wouldn't want that...

Positivity and hugs, and keep in mind that EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT.
If you want to contact me somewhere else than blogger here are my: ask and tumblr, if you want my private information contact me there.I might do a Q&A post, but only if you want that..I will also do posts for makeup and clothes, but not that often, most of the posts will be texts and opinions, this blog is going to be everything that you want,you're interested about, and you ask me :)

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