The best summer holiday.

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Oh, summer..Brings you joy, happiness , and peace. Well, not if you live in a country exposed to dictators, war, guns and people who are using drugs, money and politics to be more powerful.Summer is supposed to make you feel free: to travel, to go shopping, to met your friends..But, some people don't have the freedom to go out and walk around with their friends, fooling and joking around..No, in some places, you could go out with 5$ and people may be pointing guns at you, to give them your money.. You might as well get robbed, stabbed, kidnapped, or witness crime, violence, bullying or whatever..Yes, people don't care about the fact that a human life is in danger, they just want money, welcome to the reality of the fu*ked up society.
I went to Armenia this summer..I actually always related Armenia to SOAD (System Of A Down), so I can feel free to say aka write that I understood the lyrics of the songs that I couldn't understand before.Here's an example
"War staring you in the face, dressed in black"
Yes, this is a really true situation, and even though we need to conquer our demons, that are in our head, some people need to conquer them on the streets, on the way home, on the way to school, everywhere. I am not okay with this. Why do 8-9-10 year old kids need to be afraid to go to school? Because there are a lot of things that are wrong in this world, and they can be hurt because of that.
Back to the vacation, there was this little boy, who was abandoned by his parents, which is a really cruel thing to do , leaving a kid on the street, especially on a street like that. That kid was bullied by 20 year old gang members, their fully automatics were pointed in his head...It's kinda weird, but I'm that type of person who would help anyone in need, so I got involved in the situation..Next thing I know is, my life is on the line. The street began to fill with drug dealers, addicts, young people who have joined gangs because they had no choice but to become one of them, and other anti-social groups. I had some money with me, because I was back from the shop, and I negotiated with these guys, basically they exchanged our lives for 50$..I am really disappointed in the way that people think..Maybe money means to some point, but this is too much..If you have a few dollars that you don't know what to spend on, then why do you spend it on new clothes? Why don't you make a change and donate it to someone who needs it, but doesn't ask for it. Wouldn't that make you feel better than a piece of clothing that will just stay in your closet? We are society, and instead of complaining about how life and people are bad, let's make a change and put some positivity in a life of another being. It doesn't mean that you have to spend money that you actually need on donations, but you can make a change in someone else's life while changing yours. For example, smile to a stranger today, compliment someone you know, be nice to people. People are haters, but we can change that, starting with our own ME :)

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  1. Predobrooo jee *---* I puno motivacije ! <3

  2. Iskreno najbolji post koji sam ikada pročitala,totalno realno iii... extra je *----* ♡♡♡

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  4. Zasto ne pises na svom jeziku? Ja ne znam bas tako dobro engleski a mnogo bih zelela da citam tvoje postove😞

    1. Ne znam, oduvek mi je teze da se izrazivam na bilo koji jezik osim engleski, zasto, nemam pojma. Nove postove nisu na makedonski jer je za vecinu koje su procitali postove tako teze, pa na ovaj nacin, nadam se da je okej. ❤❤


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