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Stop hating yourself.

Inspiration for this post is actually a song by Michael Jackson - Man in the mirror.

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Yet ANOTHER post about Self Hate, about "perfect body" image, about confidence issues, and overall about your biggest bully- the person that simply hates the reflection in the mirror.

It's just too much fucking bullshit for me, the fucking shape we are, the fucking expectations, the wanting to be that girl that eats fucking unhealthy stuff, per example pizza, fucking bacon, cheezeburgers and is still like fucking hot.  Uhoh, and we're still fucking thinking of that, while in the meantime, her metabolism will just go slower and slower, and she will get unhealthy, even though she already is. People, no matter what shape your body is, as long as you are eating healthy and you are healthy, i see no reason why you should hate your body. I have lots of skinny friends that are like constantly worried with the belly fat and shit like that, and with the fact that most of them are freaking girls, and they look really good, I'm just saying that a little belly isn't a big fucking deal, it's actually preferred. The human race is all about proportion, so big boobs and a fully flat stomach aren't going together, since boobs are just fat, and later we breastfeed. Big boobs can breastfeed, small boobs can breastfeed. Stop beating yourselves over the outside, in a way where u won't judge the reflection in the mirror, but you're gonna compliment it.

Also, the majority of people are special & lovable (not including Hitler, Donald Trump, and bad people generally), so why judging someone based on the color they are, the size they are, instead of just embracing and appreciating them for the unique beauty they own?

Life is a big scenario , a big movie, or according to the song Life Life is a book and u gotta read it, life is a story and you gotta tell it, life is a song and you gotta sing it you’ve got to know how to live it. We are the producers of the film, the songwriter and singer, the book writer and the reader, the story maker and the story teller. We are what we think we are, we do what we think we can do, we get along with who we think we get along, we get what we think we can, etc. So, who’s making everything in our life happen? Our thoughts. 

So, keep your head high and your thoughts positive, because when you’re 80, you’re gonna be a wise old man/woman, and everyone will ask you a lot of things. Live life the way you want to, because it’s a book you cannot repair or rewrite.

Dont Let the bad people know your weakness.

Babydoll, I know, sometimes it seems like it's hard, but NO ONE (from the bad people) can see you cry!

Keep your smile on your face. Don't let them see you vulnerable. Because they want drama, they want tears. Don't let them get it from you. Watch out - never, ever, ever let anyone know your weaknesses. You just never know what are someone's intentions, so be careful. But if you have problems, don't be afraid to ask for help. There are far too many people that are trained profesonally for that and that are going to know how to help you. So please, please watch out. I read somewhere that you have to wear a mask, i sadly agree, because it's good to be strong.
You can have thick skin and an elastic heart, but watch out from the blades, protect yourself from them.

And, even though some people won't be really pleased because of this, don't trust noone.
I trust very few people.
I'm kind of an introvert, and I try to be social, and most of the times it's working, but I'd rather just watch a heartbreak movie, listen to a sad songs, cry about the death of Dumbledore, Dobby etc, just talk about fucking music for hours with #M than to explain my problems.. I don't think a lot of people are going to understand that, but it's just better for me and probably people around me.
Maybe I'm wrong, probably actually, but still, I'd rather just write in my "book" or listen to a sad song than talk about my problems. Sure, I can talk with hours, but not about my problems, it's just the way I am. and I am sorry, but i'd rather listen than speak.
And I'll probably never change, because earlier there were people that I trusted and failed me, so yeah, introvert but not bothering someone or getting fucked up.
And it's better to tell your best friends or family you're fucked up, because they'll listen, they'll be there for you. I know that from my experience.

Youre the only person that knows who you are, respect and love the person that knows you best.

. You have one person that knows you truly, that knows all your thoughts, that knows all your strong sides, and all your weak sides. A person that will always be there for you. It's the person in the mirror. So, instead of hating the way that person looks like, compliment her. That person deserves a lot. Deserves love, acceptance, friendship. From you, and only you. That's the only way others will love her as well.
. There is always something good in every day. For example, you were sad because of something, and it was the only thing you could think of,
But look, you ignored that old couple kissing, that little kitten that looked at you, that dog that wanted to play with you. You ignored all the positive songs, you ignored so many positive things.

 Life is beautiful, stop failing to realise it.


So, about the love for others. One way it's good, because there are people that deserve your love.
Firstly let's talk about loving someone who doesn't love you back. If they don't know, there's a 50/50 chance that they do, or don't love you as well. But, if they aren't a good person, or if they don't love you back, what's the point of wasting time and effort for people that don't deserve it?
Oh, right, there isn't.
Why am I saying this? It's because there is always gonna be people out there that are gonna understand, accept and love you for who you are.

So please, don't waste your time on people that don't care about you,okay?

You have far more choices and abilities than that, okay?
Now about the people that love and accept who you are, be grateful towards them. 
You never know which words will be the last, so don't say things you don't mean.

And say what you mean, but not in a mean way.. And don't be dishonest just because of fear. It's better to be known as an honest asshole, instead of a liar, and an asshole. 
Think of what you want in your life, and be a person you want to meet.


Now, let's talk a bit about our boys.
I know lots and lots of boys that have judged me, i know lots and lots of boys that are straight up assholes, but i also know lots of guys that are straight up sweethearts, that have a heart, that don't judge, etc. Sure, the male gender is expected to be full of themselves, but they also have insecurities, they also feel bad about themselves, they are also human beings.

So if you're a boy/man and you are reading this, don't be afraid to be yourself.
No matter what people think, us human species are a biig population and you will always find someone that makes you feel like you're somewhere you belong. I don't care if you have a six-pack or big muscles, i don't care if you are perfect looking, if you have a bad personality.
But i also don't care if society labels you something negative, if you're a fucking sweetheart and you have an awesome sauce personality, i label you as something positive. And i know labels aren't really good, but there's a good and a bad person, and that's the only thing that matters.

  It doesn't have to be like this. 
We're equal, and anyone who says something else is probably wrong.
We all have our passions, hearts, brains, etc. Don't care about society, please. 
Your looks matter just a tiny bit, it matters if you take care of yourself and that's it.
It doesn't matter how ugly or pretty you are, it matters how much you care about what's on the inside, and a bit on the outside, as far as hygiene and health goes. 


So, I heard a lot about fucking bullshit that some people do to their bodies just so they can be socially acceptable. I said it a million times, don't listen to society, listen to your doctor. If the doc says you're healthy, you're good boo. There's no such thing as a perfect body, a bikini body or whatever. 

There you go, the fastest way to get a bikini body.
And compliment your body.
Now, if the doctor says you should either gain or lose weight, exercise etc, do it. Don't overdo it.
Eat healthy, nourish and cherish your body. Love your body. And remember, the scale doesn't matter, the stretch marks don't matter, the small or big size DOES not matter. What matters is how you carry yourself. If you're nice and positive, and if you have a smile on your face and good words come out of your mouth.

Now for every moment you hated something about your body...

A while ago I was in a certain hospital that has emotional connection with me, we won’t go balls deep on that lol. Thing is, I  saw lots and lots of people with disabilities, and now, whenever I think about it, I think like wow, you were so stupid for hating your body. So now, I take a moment in my day to thank each and every part of my body to thank it for helping me function. Remember, you have more than most people, and even if you have a disability or whatever, your  flaws don’t define you.


It's just the way it is.  People hate one thing ore another. Society will always find a flaw. You just have to:
And also be a nice person, because in most cases you get what you give, if you give it to the right people.


Toxic people do no good for you. They will bring negativity in some way to your life. If someone is poison, if someone is toxic for you, let them go. There's no point of keeping them in your life.

TAKE care of your body, cherish it and love it

Love and respect yourself. Everybody exists for a purpose, so just hold on and love every atom of yourself.

Have a positive attitude
 Have a positive attitude towards yourself, people you like and people you don't like. There is always something good in the bad and also something bad in the good.
Yin Yang :).

Your body may not be the same as many, but work with what you got
I know, society has standards and shit, but can't we just cut the bullshit, since we belong there?

Be different, be a rebel and love yourself. You say to yourself that you're pretty, not a single dipshit can tell you otherwise. Your body needs to be healthy, not perfect.

Start dreaming big, stop being blind
Think about everything in many different perspectives. Try understanding everyone and anyone. That way, at least in my head is the best way. Don’t pretend that things you don’t like don’t exist, because they do. And it’s okay. Because they’re making you stronger and better.
Dream big. Wish for whatever you want. You CAN get it. There can be enough and there is enough for everyone. We just have to stop limiting ourselves.

That's it for today's post. How are you today?

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