- 10:31:00 AM

Let it out boi.

Hello, so today I decided that I wanna talk about ranting and just let some things out because I personally think that rants are necessary ...

- 12:03:00 PM

So, tell me again, why does war exist?

Hello, so today's a kinda lemme sit down and talk topic. This is kind of a sensitive topic, but I'd really like to r...

- 9:29:00 AM

Well hi there. Today, I have a birthday wishlist or whatever & we're gonna talk about birthdays. Yup, today's my birthday...

- 6:11:00 AM

Honestly, they DON'T care. Neither should you.

Hello, lutko :-). Danas cemo malo o tome kad neke ljudi brine.. Sta kazu o meni? Zasto zele mene rastuziti? Zasto me ogovaraju? etc. I i...

- 1:33:00 PM


Hello, lutko :-). Danas sam spremila jedan tag, tacnije Back To School Tag.   U koji razred krećeš   ove godine? 9, ujedno za...

- 5:00:00 AM

People you love can & will be the people that leave.

Whether YOU like it or not. Dragi/Draga, Znaci, danas sam zeljela da pricam o necemu sto se svima desava u zivotu - kad ljudi...

- 9:01:00 AM


Hey, so   today I am going to speak up about grades. Grades. That number that’s supposed to judge how much we know or don’t know. I...


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