A review on the first year of high school.

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Why hello. Long time, no see, yeah?  During the time i was gone, I have grown and developed a shit ton, and honestly, I'll pat myself on the back and be proud of myself, because the person I have become is a person I can look up to. I haven't read or even opened blogger for a hella long time, so I'm really curious if anyone remembers me, and if the people whose posts I've enjoyed so much in the past are still here, blooming as ever. Oh god, will I ever stop rambling?

Let's go. First year of high school. In my country we just have first year , second year, third year, and fourth year, and honestly i wish we would have the terms freshman year, sophomore year, junior year and senior year, but oh well.. I am in gymnasium, and you're probably wondering if it's hard studying in first year.. Honestly, it's a 50-50 situation. It is, and it isn't. What I mean by this is that there's a lot to study, a lot of assignments, a lot of tests and quizzes, but the KEY thing that helped me survive through them is not procrastinating them til the last minute (mostly), because the few times that i procrastinated were a stressful time, for example trying to fit a week's worth of studying in one night.. Sis it ain't gonna work. But the stuff we were studying was actually entertaining, so that's one more thing that boosted my willpower to study. I studied a lot this year, and I'm proud of it, because now i'm with all 5, meaning a straight A student. Okay, once I got that out of the way, time for another topic. Friendships. This is just like it's probably going to be during my entire life, meaning I only have 1 close, best friend in high school, which I think is the smartest thing to do, because you do not connect to everyone so much, and you shouldn't trust people you aren't close to. But still, I'm very grateful for my best friend and I love her so freaking much. Other friends? Well, I am fine with almost everyone, I don't have beef with anyone, so that's great. There are a couple of other friends i can trust and everything, but I'm guessing we'll see if they're true with time, because time shows people's true selves. I can talk to everyone normally and mostly, people in my school are nice, so that's great. I'm proud of myself and happy in this aspect as well. Relationships. Okay, so here is where all the gossip kind of shows, because people in this aspect know more about you than you yourself. Mental note I've been holding onto, and which I'm never going to let go of, since I'm writing it here, is to never listen to other people (with who you're probably not close with, or who are probably not true friends) who talk shit about your partner, because there is a limit which they have crossed if they're assuming things about your partner without knowing them.. It's one thing to be concerned for your friend, and another thing to be a fucking poison in their relationship. And also, in friendships and relationships, don't react on impulse.

 Think 3 times before you speak, and watch who you trust. And always remember, time tells everything. (inserts storytime here - There was this couple next to us on a bench in a park, because the park was crowded, and so we're sitting there, the four of us talking about problems and how to solve them. The husband and the wife were talking about money problems, me and my best friend about boy, and friendship problems. So some time goes by and the lady turns to us and says : "You're too young to be worrying about that. Enjoy while the significant other is making you happy, but if you're worrying and if they make u doubt them, you should probably move on. Women , and people in general, we like everything right here and right now, but don't rush things. Listen to your gut, and let time tell you. Also, don't ever cry for a boy. Your faces are too pretty to be ruined by tears from some boy problems. Make their mothers cry, never yourselves.) What else? Oh, moving out. I have moved. Now i live hella close to the center of the city, close to my school. It's a great change, very refreshing. I am grateful for this house, and I'm very happy here. Teachers. Oh no, professors. Well, treat them with respect and they will treat you with respect. If you act nice with them , they're going to act nice with you.
I don't want this post to be too long, and I think I covered the most important stuff. All in all, by far, the high school experience is much better than middle school. I'm happy in my school, I like going to school , I'm a great student, and a great friend. Life is amazing and I'm very grateful for that. But now, I'm gonna focus on resetting myself, since summer vacation is here, yaay! But, I'm gonna talk about that in another post.

Till next time, Dona

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  1. Thanks a lot :D

    super interesting content my dear :D loved it!!!

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  2. Awesome post :D

  3. Great post! I really needed this because I'm starting my high school this September. You gave some awesome advice💕.


    1. Thanks hun, it's going to be juuuuuuuuust fine <3

  4. Adorei, o post de hoje :)

    Beijokas da Camila e Carol

    já estamos de volta e já tem novidades

    Vamos Papear 

  5. Upisujem gimnaziju septembra. Specijalno odeljenje, doduše. ali gimnazija je gimnazija. Iskreno, osećam se malo skeptično povodom toga, jer nisam čak bila ni sigurna da li želim da upišem to, otišla sam na prijemni bez 2 minuta pripreme i prošla. To je ekšli bilo i ono zbog čega sam odlučila da ipak upišem to, jer znam da se generalno mnogo uči da bi se položio prijemni. A što se tiče onog dela u vezi učenja u gimnaziji, ja tokom osnovne jedva da sam učila, eventualno sam sela noć pred test i naučila. A evo sad imam i Vukovu i bila sam u top 5 u izboru za đaka generacije. Moja metoda nije baš za pohvalu, ali manje - više to, nego kontam da to tako neće moći da funkcioniše u srednjoj. Sve u svemu, da ne smaram previše, hvala puno što si napisala ovaj post i rešila mi par dilema. Bilo je interesantno čitati. Btw, zapratila sam tvoj blog, deluje ekstra. ❤️

    The girl named Ana

    1. Well, prvo, srecno u septembru. Drugo, ne brini, stici ces. Pametna si i snaci ces se, samo se nemoj zatrupati u obavezama preko glave. Cestitam za vukovu i za tih top 5, samo se malo vise potrudi u sreednjoj i moci ces sve postici. Ne smaras me nikako. Hvala tebi na pohvalu <3

  6. I also really enjoyed the experience of my last years at high school, I miss that time. Have a great day!

    Blog Paisagem de Janela

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you, you too :)

  7. Nice to know you better. :)



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