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Hello there! Today's post is gonna be fun. For me for sure, and hopefully for you as well. This tag is about making your own Riverdale character. It's inspired by Petra's post. I really love riverdale and my favorite character by far is FP, how about yours? Tell me in the comments below, do you watch Riverdale? If you do, do you like it? If you don't, would you watch it?
{ By the way, the pics I used to describe my character are from weheartit. }

Name: Mazekeen.
Hair: She would have platinum blonde hair, and it would probably always be straight or curled, no other hairstyles (Because no one can compete with Betty's ponytail guh).. Halfway through the second season, in her rebel way, she would do a cut.
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Eyes: She would have piercng blue eyes, looking through your soul with a bare glance.
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Lips: She would have plump lips, but natural.
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Style: She would be kinda basic, kinfa not.. Day - light outfit, night - dark outfit. Casual shit.
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Makeup: This varies from one end of the spectrum to another. Some days, she would be no makeup, some days she would have a "No Makeup" Makeup look, some days she would be peachy, rosey, bronzey, and some days she would be dark, red, viole(n)t. Also sometimes goes out with a very extravagant look for no reason.
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Halloween, makeup, and skeleton imagegirl, model, and pretty imagegirl, beauty, and blonde imageflowers, eyes, and aesthetic imageblonde, celebrity, and girl imagemakeup image

Personality: She would be a good person, but very sarcastic, with an attitude, narcissistic but yet never offends anyone, she would firstly be in love with herself. True friend and someone you can go to for real advice. Brave. Misunderstood. Rebel. Southside Serpent. Badass. Hardcore.(Actually very fragile & loving.)
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What She Likes:
Herself, pics, trips, boys, girls, Rock&Roll, freedom, makeup, fashion , food. music, cigarettes, alcohol, motorcycles, poetry, art, tattoos
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love, quotes, and poetry imageaesthetic, hands, and white imagechocolate, coffee, and food imageadrenaline, chic, and girls imageblack, henna, and white imageImage by moon
Cheryl is her best friend.
She is fine with everyone, but has nicknames for all of the teenagers. For example when Archie starts going after Hiram and doing everything he tells him to, she starts calling Archie "Hiram's Little Bitch", calls Cheryl "Cherry on top", Toni "Chocolate dessert" , Ronnie - "Sometimes rich witch, sometimes rich bitch" Betty "Softcore" Cooper, Jughead "Kilmister" etcetc..
beauty, girls, and hair imageriverdale, cheryl blossom, and madelaine petsch image
She works at her own store, which has a part in makeup, fashion and accessories and is customized to fit her likings. She's also an instagram model & a writer.
 animal, cat, and coffee imageImage by Chriss_black

And that's it for today's post. I hope you enjoyed Mazekeen's character, and I'm sorry because of the length of this post, I did my best to make it shorter.

Love, Dona.

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  1. Interesting tag, Mazekeen would look awesome!
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  2. Rekla sam da ću krenuti gledati Riverdale kad počnu praznici so...planiram sad uskoro. Seriju su svi nahvalili stvarno i vjerujem da će mi se dopasti. Tvoj izmišljeni lik mi djeluje predobro haha, zanimljiv tag :)
    Želiš li da se međusobno zapratimo ?

    1. Gledaj, obecavam ti da je predobra. Hvala ti puno :). Zelim, dolazim hahah :)

  3. thanks :D

    cool tag my friend! I didn't know!

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  4. Hey Dana, I would love say something about your tag but do you believe that I didn't start to watch yet?! I need watch this show!



    1. My name is actually Dona.. Watch it, it's awesome :)

  5. This character sounds so awesome! I absolutely love watching Riverdale.

  6. Dona amazing post yours!
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  7. Great post :-)

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