- 9:34:00 AM

answers a/z.

Hey there darlings! I found this on tumblr and I decided to answer these, I think they could be fun...I know everybody has been obsesse...

- 6:43:00 PM

Things that made me go "What the hell Dona?"

Hi everybody. So basically, I'm in this exact moment doing something I never expected to do, and that gave me an idea. Why don't ...

- 3:29:00 PM

I'm ready to miss you.

Hey darlings, woah, this isn't quite something I'm very eager to post but.. Yeah. I always wanted to be honest on this blog. And...

- 9:03:00 AM

David Bowie predicted Kanye West?

Okay , damn, most of the people that see this probably won't even think about clicking. But for the ones interested in this post for...

- 9:05:00 AM

Picspiration x

Hello darling! How is your day? Today I have an unusual (unusual for me, i'm not a special flower lol, I'm pretty sure there are a...


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