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Hey there darlings! I found this on tumblr and I decided to answer these, I think they could be fun...I know everybody has been obsessed with bts posts, and I definitely am going to write those, but that's going to happen when school starts or before the first day.. How are you? Are you going back to school? If yes, when?
Also, I wanted to say something that's been on my mind for some time now.. I want to write posts a bit more frequently. I don't kn x

A- are you single?
It's complicated, lol.
B- birthday?
25 September.
C- crush?
I have one x)
D- did u get ur first kiss? 
Yes , gurl..
E- easiest person to talk to?
Me, literally. Call me crazy but there's nothing like talking to yourself. You can say anything you want and be understood so fucking well.

F- favorite song?
At the moment, it's Stuck with me.
G- good at?
Writing and singing i guess. I strive to be good at drawing as well. And I can pull off a decent makeup look, along with a nice outfit.
H- hair color?
I'm naturally blonde, I've heard so many blonde jokes, I feel like damn, why do people think we're dumb as fuck?
I- in love?
J- jealous of?
Fucking koalas. Wish I could sleep for 18 hours a day.

K- known as?
Honestly , no idea.
L- longest relationship?
5 months.
M- middle name?
Don't have that.
N- number?
Favorite numbers are 13, 7,,8,9.
O- one wish?

P- person last texted?
best friend.
Q- question always asked?
hm, probably whether or not my hair is natural.
R- reason to smile?
the beauty of life.
S- song last listened to 
T- time you woke up?
10 something am, i'm tired as hell.

U- 3 biggest wishes?
Success, peace & love.
V- violent moment?
Ugh... Probably fights or whatever.
W- worst fear?
Losing my loved ones i guess.
X- ex you still liked after it was ended?
it's kind of complicated, but in the huge picture, there isn't one.
Y- your last hug?
My sister, I think

Z- zodiac sign?

That's it for today's post darlings, have a nice day ! I know this wasn't a very creative or original post, but I hope it's interesting.

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  1. Tag je super,a pitanja su jako zanimljiva. Uživala sam čitajući i post mi se jako dopada. :) - novi post

  2. Great post honey xx

  3. I love this! And so true about being able to talk to yourself. You are the person you will be with the most in this being able to talk to yourself is a must!

    1. Thank you so much.. And yeah, gotta agree on that one!

  4. In most answers I feel like I´m your clone ahah.

    "U- 3 biggest wishes?
    Success, peace & love."
    This one I totally agree. Like 100% :)


  5. Worst fear... Upravo. :) Divan post, a posebno taj quote na 2. fotografiji.

    Slatke Recenzije -

  6. THat is an interesting and fun post.
    Have a great weeekend.


  7. Divan post! Meni je orginalan jer nikada prije nisam susrela se s ovakvim postom i uživala sam čitajući ga. Fotografije su predivne kao i citati.

  8. Volim ove tvoje postove jer mi je jako zanimljivo upoznavati te kroz ove odgovore. <3

    Vildana from Living Like V

  9. Zanimljiv post. Mislim da ovaj tag nisam do sada viđala. :)

    Novi post na mom blogu:

  10. This is so good. I agree the beauty of life always makes me smile.

  11. Hello Unicorn
    I love reading your answers are always improbable, I think, some !!
    I like your reason to smile. 5 months???? Girl !!!
    And I love your opening quote.


    1. Thank you so much Marisa.. Yeah, girl.. Thanks again! x)

  12. Its a very interesting post! i wish i was good at singing -__-
    hahaha kisses! :)

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

    1. Thank you! I'd love to hear you, maybe you are. x)

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog dear! I'm here to show some love :-)
    Have a nice day;
    Sonia Verardo

  14. Such a great post idea! Totally random questions. Great to know a few things about you.

    Joy to the World

  15. Great post

  16. Great post!
    Do you want to follow each other? If you want, please inform me in the commentary so that I can return it

    kisses xx

  17. Prezanimljiv post, pitanja su vrlo interesantna ali i tvoji odgovori! Osim što smo rođene istog meseca, imamo još neka ista interesovanja! Super post draga! <3 :) Zapratila sam te, ako želiš uzvrati, biće mi drago :)

    Novi pocetak

  18. Hi, this is good

  19. Thank you for sharing this post.
    Do have a beautiful weekend. Stay well

  20. wish i could sleep 18 hrs too lol

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Baš mi je simpatičan post, sviđaju mi se i pitanja a i tvoji odgovori. Realno ko nije ljubomoran na koale...:)


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