I'm ready to miss you.

3:29:00 PM

Hey darlings, woah, this isn't quite something I'm very eager to post but.. Yeah. I always wanted to be honest on this blog. And I've been around for a while. And I owe you the person reading this, to experience at least a little of the chaos going on in my mind. I mean, we all have some sort of chaos going on in our heads, but something I've really kept myself in my comfort zone is exactly that. I don't usually let anyone in on my thoughts. And I definitely want to change that. So, I know I might get criticized about the poem not being good, but I'm not a damn writer (yet), I'm learning and growing, and well.. I'm being honest.*
*Edit : this is not a very recent post and yeah, I think writing out my feelings let me deal with them a lot easier and faster, and I might do it more frequently.

It's been a long time
Since the last time..
The last time I craved you,
the last time my thoughts were obsessing over you..
The last time I thought about
your lips touching mine
your eyes glistening in the dark , cool night..
The last time you smiled 
and shook your head in your manner,
like you were saying, God, you're hard to handle..
But every time a long time passes, 
a huge part of me has to say a lot to you.
And check up on you. 
See if you're okay.
See if those beautiful eyes are still glistening with their full power.
And make you smile.
And make you laugh.
And make you shake your head in disbelief of whatever the hell I'm doing.
And irritate you.
Because hey, you're cute when you're nervous.
And because hey, I wanna make you smile after that.
But that probably won't happen.
'Cause you probably think I'm a bitch,
and because I'm probably too afraid to talk to you.
And yeah no, it's not like I don't want to.
But if missing you means protecting you,
I'm ready to miss you.
Because you deserve to be happy.
With, or without me.
But it's probably better for it to be without me.
And yeah, I think I got over you, but I'll always love you.

And also, don't want to forget to ask. How are you? How was your day/night?
And well.. That's it for this post.. Till next time c:...

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  1. I like this poem, it's beautiful and at the same time sad, very personal.. Keep on writing, set free a bit more of that chaos ^^

    1. Thank you so much. I'm planning to do so, thank you <3

  2. Oh, this poem is extremely beautiful and I feel also the sadness ... Thanks for sharing!
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. This poem is wonderful. So honest, open, and full of emotion. You are very talented!

  4. Beautiful poem!!


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