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Hello darling! How is your day? Today I have an unusual (unusual for me, i'm not a special flower lol, I'm pretty sure there are a lot of posts like this) and simple post. This is a post about pictures that inspire me for one reason or another. Enough rambling, let's get on with the pictures. *Also, I feel the need to apologize for being late with the newest post, but damn, it feels good to be back. And I really feel bad that this is the second post that I'm apologizing for being late (Am I turning into Tana with the apology videos? lol) but I'll try my absolute best to give this blog some love.

About pictures.. They truly capture beauty. I am thankful for them, yet I envy them.. We , as people, will grow old, and one day, leave this Earth, but they will stay, leaving just a glimpse of what life used to look like in our eyes. It's art, it's a way to express yourself, but mostly, it's something that stays, even when you're long gone....

'll do updated versions of these monthly (hopefully) , just to see what I find aesthetically pleasing through course of time. Have a nice day x)

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  1. hi
    I'm focused on your inspirational quote "whatever happens, happens"
    And my life is stuck in that sentence. because I don't know what is going to happen next to the doctors discovering my illness. I'm going to stick with your mindset.

    Lots of love

    1. Hey darling!
      I'm glad you are. Please do not overthink it, or try your best not to. Can I ask what illness is it about? I hope you get well asap.
      What I understand from "whatever happens, happens" is that we all need to live in the moment and stop obsessing over the future. Just let it be , hope for the best, be prepared for the worst, and accept everything that comes your way, because no matter if it's "good" or "bad", at the end of the day, it's a lesson, and it's better to experience something and let it go while keeping the lesson, instead of clinging onto it and not being happy. My dear, I wish you the best health and everything best, if you need to talk to someone, know that I'm here. <3

  2. Hey dear.
    I like most of your inspiration but others look like you are a bit sad. I think you should keep your thoughts positive you know? Sometimes it can be hard (I know) but give it a chance. ;)

    1. Hi honey!
      First of all, thank you so much! I really appreciate that you're spreading more positive thoughts, thank you for being so kind. I tried compiling all of the thoughts & emotions I've been feeling as of late, and while I have a ton of gratefulness, love, happiness, basically everything positive, there are times when I'm down, when I feel sad, and I wanted it to be an honest , not a perfect post. I believe that everything can get better, everything will get better, but this post is honest, and I don't want to pretend to be a person that's always happy and always juust perfect, because there are ups and downs, and I have so much thoughts about this, so I'm going to stop rambling on and on. To sum this up, thanks for the advice, I'm incorporating a lot of positive vibes and self love, and i will continue doing that until my last breath, but I still want to be honest about everything, even if it's bad.

  3. That blue house and dogs will insipre my day :)

  4. Hello darling!
    Great blog, I like his graphic design and super post
    best regards

  5. Zanimljiv post i zanimljive slike. :)

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  6. Zanimljiv post i fotografije draga! :)
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  7. Amazing post!!!

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  8. Interesting thoughts you have on pictures.
    I love pictures,
    especially the real ones... not the digital ones.


  9. Sjajan izbor! Sviđa mi se kombinacija slika po boji, kao ovo sa crvenom - trešnje, auto i još neki crveni detalji na slikama :)

    Novi post, rubrika Belgrade Places | Instagram


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