Things that made me go "What the hell Dona?"

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Hi everybody. So basically, I'm in this exact moment doing something I never expected to do, and that gave me an idea. Why don't I write about things that I've done that made me surprised. I don't know, maybe I'm predictable to other people lol, but sometimes.. nah, actually, most of the times, the person that surprises me the most is me.. How? I've gone for so long thinking I wouldn't do or like or whatever some things, and then that changes in a minute.. I don't even know. Do you often surprise yourself? Do you do things that make you think "wow, i did not expect that". Tell me in a comment, I'm so so so curious.
K , Dona, blabbering blob, stop rambling and start the post already
First and foremost, Rammstein. 
I don't know if I ever wrote about this, but German and I.. Well idek if we're enemies or nemesis. I used to hate it, honestly. I think the main reason is that it's the only language I ever actually had a problem with, meaning I'm really bad at it. Like, really bad. BUT, don't get me wrong,like, I do want to learn it. And I'm working towards it. But if something can get me really mad, German definitely can. Why have I written this paragraph. Well, first of all, I'm sorry for all the bullshit I said, and I'm promising to try harder to learn this language.. Second of all, I like heavy metal a lot. And I'm very clumsy, so naturally , one day, I was listening to music, and I clicked a wrong song on accident in the sidebar on youtube or whatever. And it was I think their most popular song? Idk about that, but it was Du Hast (*actually checks the views, actually finds out that the song has a whooping 134 million views, so, that's fucking badass) and it was really good, I was enjoying it, but it was german and i was like well hell no.. Fast forward to today, listening to music, I clicked on Du Hast intentionally this time, and then started listening to other songs and damn. I like the voices, the music is fucking amazing, and they're also creative as fuck, I feel like they stand out a lot.
Second, but still important : Ten things I hate about you.
Look, I'm not that person that tries to "not be mainstream" and all that shit, but for some odd reason, the last thing I search for while looking for a movie is a teenage romance or whatever. But, my sister made me watch this, and actually, it's bomb as hell. I think it's original enough to stand out, but still somehow captured the average teenager's dream of romance, and what we do when we like someone. Definitely a masterpiece that deserves having the fame it does and more.
Understanding languages out of nowhere, like.. what?
Okay, let me explain myself. You know Spanish has been really popular since like forever?? Yeah , I can explain why i would understand that because I've watched series in Spanish, so that isn't that weird. Weird thing is that I somehow understood some Italian, I understand some Albanian, Turkish.. Like what? My brain is literally searching for data I didn't even know I had. But that's good lol.
Being good in relationship advice.
Like what? Bitch, first of all, why are you listening to advice from the single bitch? Nevertheless.. I think this could be explained well.. maybe I know what to avoid, and don't have pink love glasses saying everything is so fucking perfect.. Also, I'm honest, even if that comes with consequence. If you're dating an asshole, or a fuckboy, of course i will not say they're good. Simple as that.
My ability to embarrass myself in front of a crush.
The other day, my friend said "Isn't that *crush's nickname"" and I was like " oh girl don't touch my "crush's nickname* he isn't ugly, he way cuter than that." and then I realize I didn't see my crush, and he was three steps close to me, so talk about an uncomfortable situation.. Oh well, even if nothing happens, at least I had fun.
I think I should end this post before it gets way too long..Well at least longer than it already is. Have a great day lovelies.

*Oh and btw I didn't write this recently and I've got some things to add, first, I already know a couple Rammstein songs by heart, and secondly, the crush or whatever it was situation can't be told funny enough as it was... Eh, fuck it. See yall in the next post, bye.

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  1. I've never studied German but i had some friends that did
    and they used to tell me that it's quite difficult!! D:
    nice post ^^ kisses!!

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

    1. It's a bit difficult in the grammar region, it's easier to like understand each other, but the grammar is a bit tricky, at least to me.

      Thank you dear! x)

  2. I love this post so much, especially the crush thing! :D
    I followed you, and i hope you follow back. :)

    New post is on my blog. ♥

  3. So great post


  4. Post je super i jako interesantan.Moram pohvaliti odabir teme,jer je ideja jako originalna. :)

  5. It's good that we open it up so readers get to know us a little better. I have heard that the German language is really very difficult to learn. Have a great day.

    Blog Paisagem de Janela

  6. Świetny post <3 bardzo mi się podoba :* oraz super blog :) obserwuję i zostaję tu na dłużej :D zapraszam

  7. This post was such a great idea! I would love to learn German so much, but it does seem hard.

  8. Interesting post, dear! Thanks for sharing!


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