//Ah, you again.//

7:46:00 AM

Ah, you again.
I think to myself, how the hell does a person make your insides boil..
And yet you like it,
Even though it's like the erosion of soil.

You again.
That pesky look in your eyes,
like it's saying i know you want it,
even though only the skies
can imagine how bad I actually do.

And I wish, I wish I could..
I wish I could tell you all that I have
I wish I could show you what my heart feels around you
I wish I would, and maybe I will.
Cause God knows it's my only aim.

and maybe in my wildest dreams,
or just visions of a sometime, somewhere,
i see you in my arms,
i show you my hot and my cold,
and i strip down my soul.

and you smile, and those beautiful eyes glisten like a pearl
and that's how I know we made it.

Fuck , I love you.

Hi everybody. How are you? Sorry for not posting regularly. School has been a lot lately. I'll tell you all I can remember in future posts, I'll talk all about September. I know, not a lot of people actually read my posts, but damn , i miss this blog, and venting my feelings and everything. If you read my posts, I want to thank you so much, and um.. This is it for this one. Have a nice day x)

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  1. Great post dear.
    I can understand, because your school is very important.


    1. Thank you so much dear. I'm glad you understand. xx

  2. Great post! I like your blog!


  3. This post is very beautiful. I understand, school is keeping me busy, too.

    Give me some love - My blog

    1. Thank you.. School is literally sucking up my time like a vacuum cleaner x)

  4. Post je predivan i jako mi se dopada kako pišeš, još je na engleski, a to nije baš lako izvesti. Isto važi i za tvoje prethodne. I da, razumijem te. I ja jedva da uspijem da napišem neki post zbog školskih obaveza, ali nekako ugrabim vremena vikendom. :)

    sweet-dreams-14.blogspot.com - novi post

    1. Ah Andjela, hvala ti previse, znaci mi puno. Nije stvar samo do obaveza, nekako mi je usisalo kreativnost do stepen koji sam mislila da je nemoguci, doslovno. x)

  5. In bocca al lupo e buon anno scolastico!


  6. Sjajan post ^_^

    Novi post

  7. Zaista je teško naći vremena za napisati post, posebno lada imas obaveze 😊 To te razumem.



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