how to feel less shitty when you're experiencing a cold.

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What a fitting fucking post.

Hello darlings! How are you? How is life?
First of all, I'm sorry for the title if cussing bothers you, but honestly, in my mind, feeling sick and shitty are very close to each other, and I feel disgusting when I'm sick. *Now writing* Okay, so it's 17 September , and guess who's sick?
You guessed it, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Look I gotta apologize to anyone that actually asked themselves where tf i was, even though I feel lke no one cares tbh, but yeah.. I'll just start with the post, and stop rambling 'cause it's a long one. (and a thick one.. okay I'm sorry ly bye)
First of all, let's explain the feeling of being sick for a moment.
You're sitting, you feel nauseous, you're standing, you're feeling nauseous, you're laying, you're feeling nauseous. You switch from being boiling hot to being ice cold. You can not feel your throat, your nose is runny , you can't smell or taste anything, even your hearing is affected.. The common cold is so fucking common to you, everything is so familiar and you're used to it. But some friends of yours have superpowers and only get a cold like once in 6 years... How?
Secondly, let's explain what a common cold is.
It's an illness caused by a virus. The rhinovirus is considered responsible for 50% of colds, but there are more than 200 types that add up to our suffering. Other viruses that cause colds are coronavirus, respiratory syncitial virus , influenza and parainfluenza.
here's a lil cooootie to make you feel better
Thirdly, let's explain how and why you get it,and how to get rid of it, or at least have it less often. Because it's probably a good exercise for your immune system to get a cold now and then, isn't it? Idk, ask science.
Well, you won't hear anything new from me. Bad habits do indeed cause a lot of damage to our bodies. The cause/And how to improve:
Dehydration. I know, i know, you've seen it all over the internet, all over the self care threads on twitter & instagram. Drink more water. I know, it's incredibly over said, but it's true. We have 60+% water in our bodies, which gets out of our systems through urinating, moving, sweating, basically breathing. And also, your throat, nose, and mouth need to be moist *i fucking hate that word too, I'm sorry* for you to avoid illness. Huh, the more you know.
An unhealthy diet. Yes, I said it. You basically take what you give when it comes to your body. Put the healthy stuff in, you feel good. Put the unhealthy stuff in and you feel bad. Eat your fruits and veggies, eat lean proteins instead of fatty proteins, limit the daily intake of fat, sodium, sugar. Eat whole grains as often as you can. Do your research on nutrition. No excuses, it will help in the long run. Take care of your body and be mindful of what you put in it. Don't be too hard on yourself tho, just balance everything out.
Vitamin D deficiency. Okay, please don't make a sex joke on this. It might be a good idea to boost your vitamin D intake. You can do that by literally spending fifteen minutes in the sun, eating fatty fish, egg yolks, beef liver, some dairy products, cheese, orange juice, soy milk, etc.
Sleep deprivation. Because in every problem, sleep deprivation gets a role. People that don't get enough good sleep are more likely to get a cold. Try to get 7/8 hours of sleep if you're an adult, if you're a kid or a teenager, take it even to 10 hours.
Dirty hands. Well, you use your hands for basically everything, so it's pretty much logical for them to get a lot of germs. Wash them regularly and don't touch anything without washing your hands prior to that, especially with your face, food etc.
Bad oral health. Your mouth is home to a lot of bacteria, the good, and the bad. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth daily.
Immune system disorder. These occur when your immune system doesn't fight antigens (bacteria, toxins, viruses, etc). Healthy bodies have antibodies for the invading antigens, Antibodies are proteins that destroy harmful substances. Some people's immune systems don't have the ability to produce them. It can be inherited or caused by malnutrition. If you suspect to have an immune system disorder, talk to a/your doctor.
Stress. And, like every bad thing that happens to us, a cold happens to also be caused by stress. It's completely normal to be a little stressed, but if you're chronically stressed, it can take a toll on your life. Every person gets less stressed in a different way, but here are some suggestions - take a break from social media, from your computer, laptop, tablet, phone,listen to music, exercise,create something, meditate, do yoga,etc.
Kids. If you have kids, teach them to have good hygiene, bathe them every day, clean common surfaces , etc. Kids are the ones that are in social contact the most, so naturally, they get the most bacteria.
Healthy mind, healthy life. I personally believe that the way you think effects your life so so so much and you need to have good thoughts in order to have a good life.

But I already have a cold, and you fucking said you would help me feel less shitty.
I did, and well, um.. The tips I wrote about can also be implemented into your life while you're experiencing a cold, since that will probably make it last significantly less. Here's what I do when I'm going through a cold to make myself feel better. You don't need to do everything i do, or approve everything I do, everybody has a different body and different ways to treat & heal it.
Eating hot food.
Well, this can be understood in two ways. Hot as in spicy and hot as in well, temperature. I mean both. I really love spicy food and it somehow always helps when I have a cold. Put that on top of a warm meal, and my very sore throat is struggling less.
Drink the tea sis.
Let me spill the tea, tea is really good for you. I drink it with honey. Even though I'm not huuge on tea, it really helps to feel less shitty.
Take a steamy shower/bath.
Love this. It helps take off that dryness that comes with colds, and you also feel better instantly, because who doesn't love showers and baths? Also, here you can take care of your skin, teeth, hair, bonus points on feeling fucking uhmazing.
Watch your favorite movie/series
I mean, if you like movies and tv series, you should definitely watch something, stimulates you and you won't be spending the 2seconds of energy you have left in your body. Take a snack, take your tea, and unwind.
Tidy up a bit.
I love doing this, and even more when I have a cold because germs, bacteria, etc, we don't need them. Also, having a clean space around me makes me feel better instantly.
Finish the task that seems the easiest.
Definitely start with the easiest. If you feel motivated and ready to do it, cool, if not, hey, at least you did something.
Draw, write, or read.
It is so relaxing and puts you in a better mood instantly
Talk to someone about something "deep"
Preferably while relaxing and drinking tea and coffee, this can be a beautiful bonding experience for the both of you.
Learn something new.
It will make you feel better, and you'll be resting and being productive at the same time.
Last but not least, do something that relaxes you.
This varies from person to person, but light a candle, meditate, do yoga, whatever that de-stresses you and makes you feel better.
Aaand that's it, we've come to the very end. I'm sorry this post got really long, really fast, so i tried making it a bit shorter, but it's probably an epic fail.. Nevertheless, i hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you got reminded of some important stuff. 'Till next time, Dona.

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