How I almost got in a fight - Story Time.

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Hi darlings, how has your day been? 
Now, before I start telling the story, I want to say, I think this is the first time I'm ever doing a story time on this blog, and well, I hope you find it interesting-ish? Just tell me in the comments below, honestly. I love telling stories, and I guess we'll see if i can have you put in the situations I've been in, and get some sort of advice, hopefully. (Even though most of the people who are reading this right now are older than me, but hey, who said you can't receive great advice from a younger person?)
me when I'm down to give advice nobody asked for
So, let's take a walk down memory lane. Okay, so imagine this really bitchy girl, getting into puberty, very sarcastic and with all that, gets negative backlash. Yeah that girl is me, I guess.
So thing goes, I'm 12-ish, and me and my at the time friend are passing a football along her street. And then, naturally, the ball goes into some lady's yard. My (at the time) friend, let's call her Shroom , goes into the yard to get it. She needs two minutes to go in there and back , but she stays like 7-8 minutes. So, I'm waiting on the street, minding my own business, and these two girls that studied at my middle school pass by. My relationship with them was, eh. Basically there was a period of time when their whole lil' "girl squad" acted like they were my friends, but they turned out fake, and then we just kind of stopped talking. And at this point I wasn't talking with them, I had found out they were talking smack behind my back, I wasn't sure about that, but that and us not talking, i dunno, made sense to me. There's a woman with them as well, and I thought okay, probably a mother or an aunt or whatever. As they're passing by, I'm just minding my own business, probably checking my phone or something, the one that annoyed me and that I've heard talk smack about me, goes " Oh somebody grew up and isn't talking to us anymore", and to that, I'm like, is this bitch for real right now? And coldly, I just go, "Bitch please". And then, she gets pissed, asks "What did you just say?" , I go "Bitch please" and we repeat that a couple times, and she's like "Don't make me come back there" , and I'm like "Oh, I'm so scared". And she and her friend let's call her.. Bland, come back. The woman just keeps going wherever the hell she was going, and she is going down the street. They come up the street and she starts a fight. She goes something like who are you to call me a bitch, I'm gonna slap you , blablabla, blablabla, and at this point I'm laughing at their faces, which makes them even more pissed, and here comes Shroom. They start going up the street, bitch is still fighting me, I just piss her off even more, and Bland & Shroom are laughing. She starts threatening to beat me, and at this point she's like what, 10 meters away from me, lol. And that I find so fucking funny , like, I could tell she was scared of an actual fight like, physical fight. And she keeps threatening me. And I'm like okay, I'm tired of this shit, I need to make her leave one way or another. And I just go "You wanna fight? You wanna slap me? Let's do it." And she keeps distancing herself, and I just start walking towards her, kind of fast.After I walked about ten steps, I turn to Shroom to see her reaction and she is still in the same place as she was when she came.. And then after I see that she is just standing there, she starts walking toward out direction.. She just starts murmuring, and quickly goes "You know, I would fight you but, but they're waiting for us, right Bland?" And Bland goes " Who, what ..?" And she goes "They're waiting for us, right?" And Bland goes " OOoh, yes." And bitch grabs her by the hand and they walk away really fast, followed by very loud laughter. 
or at least in this story time...
That concludes the story of how Bitch & Bland escaped a fight with me.
me when she tried me
I tried making this kind of short, and I really hope you enjoyed my what-was-supposed-to-be-a-fight. After this, I became less salty & bitchy which kind of fucked up a lot of things because if I reacted in other situations like I do naturally, they wouldn't be as bad. Did you find this entertaining in any way? 
My advice from this:
If someone is trying to provoke you, just ignore them. They're not important and they're going to waste your time. When someone is fighting with you, find something that will piss them off, have good comebacks & always watch your own back, no one will watch it for you. And when someone is threatening to hit you or slap you, stand up for yourself.
What I've learned.
People will look for a reason to fight , even if that reason doesn't even have much to do with you. Just keep doing you but, if someone is actually trying to hurt you, stand up for yourself, don't be afraid to hurt them if they aren't afraid of hurting you. Stay calm and cold, you don't want to be hot headed & angry. Don't ever look for fights and drama, it's excessive and only wastes your time. And also, violence and fighting is not the answer, it definitely won't do shit, if someone is badly influencing your life, cut them out of your life. It will be far more peaceful.
show the bitch how meaningless he/she is.
Have a nice day, be fly on the inside & outside, bless you x)

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  1. Story time je odličan i bilo mi je jako zanimljivo dok sam čitala. I slažem se sa porukom koju on nosi. Ne kaže se džabe ,,Ignorisanje je majka svih vrlina''. Sjajan post. :) - novi post

  2. Zaista super story time,bas si me nasmijala i zabavila. 😃

  3. Great ideas on your post! Thanks for sharing.


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