It's been a lot..

2:46:00 PM

Hey there darlings! How's life going? If you're in school, how's that working out for you? And if you're not, what are you up to? Answer me in the comments below.
So yeah.. It's been a rough patch. I am really bad with the mess inside me, and honestly, I can't even tell what the fuck is wrong with me. I can't open up, but i feel like I'm going to burst if I don't... So, here goes nothing. School, thus far, has been literal shit. Worst thing is, hygiene levels are below zero, and that bothers me so fucking much, you can't even imagine. I feel like school is killing my potential. And as the black sheep that i am,of course some drama has happened. Honestly, I just wanna live my life and have only the people I love close to me.. I just really hope it'll all work out. I wanna find what it is that I want to devote myself to.. Until then, I guess I shall wander and experience life like the lost, free soul that i am. 
Oh and just to end this post on a positive note, if anyone else has been feeling down in the dumps, remember that everything is just... momentary. It's all going to become a memory. And since we, as people, love & hate to think of those, let's make the ones we remember by good the ones that are the multitude.
Have a nice day/night, I love you, and.. I promise to post more often than not.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear that things have been difficult for you lately. But you are right, certain things really are just momentary. When I was in university, I felt the EXACT same way. It was such a hard time for me. I was depressed and unhappy and felt like I was wasting time on things that weren't really important. But now that I am on the other side of all that, it seems like such a long time ago and I am so much happier. Sending you lots of positive thoughts <3

    1. I;m so so happy you got out of it. Thank you for the positivity, sending lots of it back! <3


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