no idea how to title this.

8:46:00 AM

Oh, hi again blog, long time, no see. I've missed you so so much.
School has been a lot this year, i have so much to study and my last two brain cells are too puzzled by youtube to function lol. So, a few things i want to talk about are well. First of all, let's talk about my absence. I've had a creativity block, and also, so much to study & procrastinate like bitch the fuck. Nevermind, the thing is, i'm here now and let's just talk about that. And yeah, today's like the meeting where professors like officially write our grades and I'm very nervous because my grades are falling faster than Morgan. But hey, grades are just a number anyway, so it's fine,
I guess.
i've been wanting to start filming videos. i'm readeh to be a youtuber lel, jk jk , but idk.. I want to have somewhere where I can just like enjoy myself and like splash out creativity other than my blog, because like, I wanna have fun making videos and all that. I'll go film something, luv u and see u soon.
Have a nice weekend, by the way x

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  1. Hope you have a great weekend, girly!



  2. Great post dear! You have a nice blog.
    I follow you can you follow me back?
    I will appreciate that so much

    1. Thank you darling! Thank you, of course i will follow back <3

  3. Razumijem te kada je škola u pitanju. Prvi sam srednje i iako sam uspjela da pređem skroz odlična, dosta energije potrošim na školske obaveze. Blog redovno pišem, iako rjeđe nego obično, ali trudim se da pišem svakih nedelju dana po jedan post. A što se tiče snimanja videa, podržavam te u tome i voljela bih da počneš s tim. Odličan post. :) - novi post

    1. Drago mi je da neko razume. Svaka cast za prosek, ali moras odmarati. Ponosna sam na tebe.. I hvala ti <3

  4. Super post draga,dopada mi se ideja!


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