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Hi darling. How was your weekend? And also, the dreaded by many, (is it loved by any?) Monday? Regarding my (failed) attempt that i mentioned in the previous post, well, i actually filmed the video, but considering the fact that I wasn't very pleased with it, I'm going to refilm it next weekend. Now, about this post, I wanted to throw some random tips and very wise words by yours truly, me. Just a fucking thing i dislike before this post:
DISCLAIMER: i am just a dumb teenager with barely any experience in life, this blog is made for me to express myself, and if anyone reads this and listens to my words of advice, just know that it's a risk and action you're taking to listen to me, and I'm sorry if it turns out to be bad advice.
The reason behind why I wanted to make this post, for actually a while now, is because well, first of all, i would love if anything from this actually helps anyone. Secondly, this blog is just a way of expressing myself and I'm interested in how my opinions change after a certain period of time. And thirdly, I think these are self-reminders as well, because often, I catch myself making mistakes for which I know are wrong, but I still do them anyways...So..let's just start.
1. Listen to your gut.
Look, I know it's sometimes hard to guess what your gut is telling you , but you just have to simply listen. You know the feeling when you're walking somewhere in the dark, but you get chills of fear all of a sudden for no reason? You probably had the same feeling about a place you visited, a person you met, a situation you've been in, or something like that.. That gut feeling is kind of telling you don't, or do. Listen to your gut. It can often be more sane and reliable than both your heart and your mind. Meaning, in a battle between the brain and the heart, choose the gut.
2. Be honest, even if you're scared of it.
Honestly truly is the best policy. And yes, we are scared of being honest, but I've regretted being dishonest more than being honest.
3. Music helps, heals, loves, feels, when you can't.
Sometimes, we just don't know what to do of ourselves. Most of the time, music helps. At least, it helps me deal with myself a lil bit better than without it.
4. Don't be judgemental as fuck.
You have never walked in anyone else's life, so stop judging it.
5. Find something good in everything you experience, and don't take life so seriously.
I know it's a battle of happiness, to experience everything so deeply, but in every situation there is a hope, a joy, and a lesson.
This is it for today's post, have a nice day/night, see ya in the next one.

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  1. They're all good advises!


  2. I love your blog! Great tips!
    Would you like to follow each other? If the answer is yes, please follow me on my blog & I'll follow you back.


    1. Thank you so much darling!
      Of course, I will let you know on your blog.

  3. All of your advice is excellent - and the images you uploaded to illustrate it (beautifully) are great - I love it! Your blog posts are a real treat to read. xxoxx <3 :D


    1. Thank you so so much sweety! This means so much to me! <3


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