You don't know anyone well enough to judge them.

12:02:00 AM

Do you remember that weird looking girl with puffy eyes that you were judging in the supermarket about the way she got out into the world? She's had one of the worst days in her life, is depressed, and thinks about suicide.
Do you remember the "fat" girl that you either judged silently or out loud, thinking she should lose some weight? She has developed an eating disorder trying to do just that.
Do you remember the tattooed man you thought was a bad guy just because of his tattoos? He got them to keep what he loves on his body forever.
Do you remember the man in old clothes buying his groceries and minding his own damn business? He's spending his last coin on groceries to keep his children nourished, healthy, happy on a full stomach.
Remember that time you judged everyone & anyone, just to avoid judging the mirror? Yeah, everybody is going through their own shit, and you have no right to judge them based off of minimal information you know, or think you know about them. If someone seems not okay , either ask them why or don't make it worse. Just smile, mind your own business, and you will be happier with your life as well, guaranteed. Live and let live.
Or live and let die.
\ Hi guys, this post is hella old, like, it's clearly written when going through some shit, like sis are you okay? Nevermind that, even though i don't see things so negatively anymore, I still to this day think that everyone should just like mind their business, like get their own shit together. I'm not saying like I ONLY CARE ABOUT MY OWN PROBLEMS FUCK YOUR PROBLEMS, not that typa attitude , that i strongly dislike. No, I mean like first and foremost should be fighting our own battles, getting rid of our own negativity and demons.. Only then can we help other people out. And when we're happy, the people that are around us are happy, we are able to help in that, and when i can be happy, i can make my friend happy, my friend can make their friend happy, their friend can make their friend happy, and boom, the world is suddenly changed. I know it may be "childish" or whatever from me to have this type of mindset, but only the children can save the world, and no matter what age you are, you can still be a child in your heart, without filth and hate.
Have a nice day, or night. I'll see you in the next post x).

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  1. Tekst je predivan, oduševljena sam. Iskreno mislim da je u ovom svijetu previše ljudi koji osuđuju druge i da svi treba da budemo svjesni da svako od nas vodi neke svoje bitke u životu i da nije uvijek sve lako. Takođe, kada osuđujemo, ne štetimo samo osobi kojoj je osuda upućena, već i sebi, jer osuđivanje drugih većinom proizilazi iz ličnog nezadovoljstva. Svaka čast. :) - novi post

    1. Ajme draga, hvala ti puno. Slazem se, uvek proizlazi od licnog nezadovoljstva.. Hvala jos jednom x)

  2. Great text.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Hello Unicorn
    One day you told me that I was a badass now I say that you are a badass, that's the way you talk woman.
    Nobody knows the problems of each one therefore nobody has the right to judge anyone.


  4. Amazing post



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