Back in the summer of '19

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Hi there. How are you?? How are u doing? Jesus Christ, i haven't written a blog post in forever. I missed sitting and just pouring out my thoughts on a blank canvas. Well, i got a lot of them, so let's spill. First of all, it's hot as hell, I'm at my melting point, so if i kinda start with one thought and then jump to another, there's the reason.
So yeah, summer. People say, summer makes them feel better, it's like a mood booster. I can kinda agree on that, even though me sweating my soul out is not a scenario I like. Especially for students with a summer break, and adults with summer vacancies, summer is a modern prescription for antidepressants. Also, it gets kinda boring because you have fewer obligations. That's why there's always ideas online on what to do. From educating yourself, to watching series (series junkies how are ya?), the internet is a little heaven on it's own.
This summer, I made a decision, to which I'm going to try to stick like my life depends on it.
Summer of 2019 is the summer of challenges. How? Well, for me, i have a few challenges that i decided to tackle. Also, i decided to not give myself unrealistic expectations like me travelling to Spain tomorrow, even though hey, that would be amazing, but touche. I also challenge anyone and everyone who's reading this, even if it's only one person, to challenge themselves to get out of the comfort zone and do something that their future selves will be goddamn thankful for.

So what are my challenges?

First of all, choose something you enjoy doing from the bottom of your soul, and do it. Practice it. Practice makes perfect, right? For example, I chose two things I love doing - singing, and drawing. And it's mindblowing to see the progress,, guaranteed to make you feel proud of yourself.

Secondly, have an outlet for your emotions. That could potentially be a diary, a blog, a youtube channel, anything. You know, every artist has turned their emotions into a masterpiece, because kinda every artist is fucked up in their own special way.

Thirdly - move more. Seriously. It changes your mood so much. When do you feel better? When you've been on the couch for days or when you're taking a walk and clearing your mind up? Maybe you like both. It's all about balance baby!

I'm going to stop here, and maybe some other goals will be posts on their own. I hope you challenge and change yourself for the better this summer. Have a nice day x).

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  1. You're finally back! I hope you will have exciting, wonderful summer :) looking forward to achieve my goals too


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